a busy week ahead

We have a consultant coming on campus this week to do some extensive training. I am so looking forward to this – it has been a long time in coming and has been very sorely needed. So, I’m just warning you that this week may be a little “silent”.

I did, however, start a new knitting project (even though I haven’t finished the baby gift for the Gordons – sorry! – I’ll get it done soon!).

I’ve cast on for a Dewdrops Shawl, one of two patterns I purchased a while back.

And this is the yarn color:

CW375 Rue

It is Brown Sheep Company Cotton Fleece FineĀ in Rue. I purchased a 1,000 yard cone last month, which should be MORE than enough for this shawl. I’ve done about 12 rows so far, just 2 repeats of the pattern, and while it is simple enough, it does require some degree of concentration. I mean this is lace, afterall. Lace always requires some degree of concentration.