10 on Tuesday

A couple of the blogs I read do this thing on Tuesdays called “10 on Tuesday”. It is basically a themed list of something. Since I have nothing else to post today, I thought I would do one of these and see how it goes. Now I just have to think up a theme. Oh, well, there you go – randomness.

My first 10 random thoughts of the day:

  1. Water overflowing. I have a portable AC unit in my room that expels condensation and for ease of capture (or lack of anything else to do) I’ve placed a bucket to catch everything. But I still fear that running the AC unit all night long will cause the bucket to overflow. It keeps me up at night (to a degree. But then, everything keeps me up at night.)
  2. Wish lists. I have one on Amazon. Look up tonjabrice@gmail.com and I think you would find it. Should you ever want to purchase anything for me, this would be the place to go. I also have one at Knit Picks (www.knitpicks.com). I could always receive more yarn. (Notice what I did there? I don’t need yarn, but I’ll accept it!)
  3. Consulting and generosity. One of the projects that I’m working on at the college right now is programming this thing called a degree audit. In simple terms I program in everything a student needs to graduate and then we can run progress reports along the way to use as an aid in advising. It takes into account courses, grades, GPA, overall GPA, major specific GPA, exams (like comps) and other stuff. I’ve done this before for another school, and I completely understand the basics, but like everything else, each software has its own quirks (there’s a “Q” word for you Rebecca Renteria!). So I have 2 days with a consultant from our software company tomorrow and Thursday. The thing is, he is on vacation. Completely on vacation, with his family and he is taking time out of his vacation (with his family) to drive 2 hours into the office in Boston (where he doesn’t live) so that he can do this consulting with us. I’m overwhelmed by his generosity. Completely.
  4. Bugs. Or, more precisely, flies. My neighbor’s dog poops in my yard a lot and when they are not prompt in picking up the “gifts”, my yard is covered in flies. I hate flies. Really.
  5. Oh, but the  Holly Hocks! Oh how I am falling in love with this flower! I hate the leaves, though. Last year I had maybe 3 stalks that grew, all up by the house. Before the stalk appeared with the flowers, I was NOT liking the huge leaves this plant was putting out. This year, though, I have, like 10 holly hocks growing – white, light pink and dark pink – and I love them! They make me smile.
  6. I need more coffee. I’ll be right back.
  7. The Closer. I came in early today to watch last night’s episode. Love this show!
  8. Yarn. I love yarn. I do. I really, really do. I don’t even have to knit it up – I just want it. I want it all! Marino, Shetland, Cormo, BFL (Blue Face Licester), even Jacob. All wool. All fabulous. I want it all. Fingering, lace, bulky. All yarn all the time and I want it!
  9. You know, I’ve heard that pure wool doesn’t burn. I’ve never tested this out, but if it is true, then having more yarn in my house would be a good thing – right? Wouldn’t it keep my house from burning down? Or at least part of my house? Hm…maybe I could knit a house cozy (I need new siding anyway) and in the winter time it would felt (because it would get wet and then things would brush up against it, naturally) and then it would keep my house warm. And fire free. I’m liking this idea, I think. How much yarn would it take to cover one’s house. It is small, so I have that going for me. Yes – must acquire more yarn!
  10. Last random thought of the day – I really don’t want to go out side. And yet. And yet the Financial Aid office needs my help and so I must go and help them. This is what I do. I help people. I even help people who make me walk across campus in hot, sweltering weather. My hair is going to frizz. I hate frizzy hair.

Was that random enough for you?