help – I’m melting!

Last week was Blackoutgeddon 2011 and this week brings us Smogageddon 2011 with very high temps and very high humidity. I washed and dried my hair this morning, curling my bangs as I ususally do. I applied a lavish amount of hair spray and before I even left the house 20 minutes later they were flat. Flat against my shiney forehead. *ugh*

My house doesn’t have AC – I have an attic fan instead. Which is fine, except when the night time low is in the 80’s. Then things don’t really cool off very well. I did manage to bring up my portable AC machine (thank goodness for this machine) and have it hooked up nicely in my bedroom. Last night I closed my bedroom door and ran the AC until about 1:30 AM this morning. It was nice. Really nice.

But, then comes morning and the rest of the house is muggy.

I was amazed, though, at how cool my car was this morning, having been parked in my garage all night. If I have to, I can always sleep in there if my house it too hot!


One thought on “help – I’m melting!

  1. It is just the opposite of how you grew up. Then, you had no humidity and now you have too much humidity! There’s no pleasing you, is there???? I do love you!

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