theory of trash, wind velosity and my yard

I was going through my drafts and discovered this old post. I’ve decided to revamp it slightly, but the main story is the same.


The last few weeks I’ve enjoyed having time to work in my yard.  Please keep in mind that I am entirely new at doing any sort of yard work and what I might reveal to you about my lack of any sort of real yard work experience may shock you.  Be forewarned.

As many of my faithful readers (all 3 of them) know, my basement flooded in December of ’09 due to a collapsed pipe in the front yard.  The “repair” men, naturally, didn’t put everything back, i.e. they did’t regrade the lawn to level it out.  So that was my task yesterday.  To till and level out the dirt patch that they left me and to hopefully get it to a point to where I can plant some grass.  After about 3.5 hours of hard labor, I accomplished that task.  I toiled with the tiller, slamming it in the dirt, twisting it back out.  Both knees got quite a work out (and quite a pampering session afterwards with ice and heat).

One of the things that I did notice yesterday, and have noticed on previous yard work days, is that my yard seems to accumulate a lot of trash.

This map is not drawn to scale, but you can see the gist of everything. In the year since I started this blog post I have continued to experience a lot of trash in my yard. My slightly revised theory is that while the wind tunnel is still the primary way trash gets into my yard, I’ve also come to realize that my yard maintenance skills are so lacking that the lack of such skills actually attracts trash as well – its almost like a magnet. So, basically, my yard is doomed: wind tunnel and trash magnet will always place trash in my yard.


3 thoughts on “theory of trash, wind velosity and my yard

  1. A common refrain, blame it on nature. Maybe it is global warming causing the wind tunnel and trash. Daily “policing” of the yard could tell you where trash is coming from or perform trash removal. Don’t give up. You can do it.

    1. The thought did occur to me this weekend that I should get into the habit of “walking the property” on a daily basis. In fact, that’s exactly what I need to do. I’ll start tomorrow.

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