Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair

Just when I’ve recoved from the massiveness of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair happens. (At last I will get some rest between this and the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival which is not until September.) MFFAF is much smaller, but has been growing for the last several years. This is year 5 and I’ve been attending since year 2.

What makes this different from a Sheep and Wool festival is, well, the lack of sheep, to put it bluntly. That is, until this year. Okay, not sheep exactly, but fleece. Another distinctive is the focus on all of the fiber arts from the traditional knitting and crochet, but also quilting, felting, spinning, cross-stitch and anything else that uses natural fibers. I love the diversity of what this fair has to offer.

There is also a garment competition, live folk music, folk art (using textiles) and a fashion show. Plus, lots of workshops! In fact, Franklin Habit will be teaching again this year. Kate and I took a class with him last year and it was most fabulous!

If you are in the area, plan on comming out: it is at the Lake County Fairgrounds (and is air conditioned – another distinctive!) the weekend of June 24-26.


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  1. I am trying to figure out which knitting project is for me. Is it the bluish sweater? I need a nice warm sweater for next winter. Sounds like you need to stay home and rest some.

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