not enough time in the day

My knitting fetish (for that is what it really is) comes in waves: there are times when I struggle to be excited about knitting and there are times when I am excited about too many things to knit. Right now I’m in the latter – I have way too many things going on!

Project #1: Baby Sweater
My friends Laura and Kendrick are expecting their first and I’m knitting them some baby clothes. Granted that the baby (a girl, glad you asked) probably won’t be wearing a nice wool sweater in August, when she is due, but still, I think it should be done in time for the shower, don’t you? The shower is on July 16th and I’m about 1/4 of the way done.

Project#2: Blue Waves Shawl
As with my winter time excitement over cowls, I am in a wave (no pun intended) of shawl activity. My “Waves in the Square” shawl is in progress…but has languished for a couple of months now. My problem is that it has three really long sections of repeats…we’re talking now 100+ stitches per repeat, and my attention span is wavering (again, no pun intended).

Project #3: Cabled Sweater
I cast on for this just one month ago (actually less) and I’ve knit about 6 inches on the front. This is being knit in cotton, which actually hurts my hands to knit because cotton is completely unforgiving on the needles: re: I’m a tight knitter and pulling tightly on unforgiving yarn is unpleasant at times. I’ll continue to progress on this one, but it will be slow.

Project #4: Citron Shawl
This is more of a “shawlette” in that it is kinda small. I’m about 3/4 of the way finished. This one is going to be a gift..hopefully to be given in early July…but we’ll see. Baby sweater first, this shawl second.

Project #5: Vesna Shawlette
This is another little shawlette, this one being a nice lace pattern. It is currently stalled because I’m not liking the yarn. I’m using a wonderfully soft alpaca (natural color) but it is beginning to fuzz a little, making the lacework a little difficult to see. I may have to do this one in larger needles to make the lace more prominent.

So, those are the projects that I have ON the needles…but, I have many more on the sidelines patiently waiting their turn.

Waiting Room Project #1: Socks
These are actually more like warm, thick booties, but in a sock pattern, sort of. My grandmother has very bad water retention and her legs are very swollen, making her feet hard to find socks that are not too tight for her. I’ve promised a pair of “slippers/socks”. I’m planning on visiting her in mid/late July, so I guess I need to move this one out of the waiting room.

Waiting Room Project #2: Wendy’s Summer Mystery Shawlette
One of the blogs I follow is one called Wendy Knits. Wendy designs many lovely things, primarily shawls. This May she put up a pattern for a knit-a-long for this shawl…I’m trying not to peek at the results…but it is in my queue.

Waiting Room Project #3: Rosevine Shawl
This is also more of a shawlette but is knit in laceweight yarn, so this will be my first knitted item with such a fine-weight yarn. Laceweight is very, um, thin. It will probably take me forever. This is currently #1 in my Ravelry queue, for those who are on Ravelry and interested in the pattern.

Waiting Room Project #4: Irtfa’a Faroese Laceweight Shawl
Anne Hanson is another one of the blogs that I follow and who is also a designer. I’ve been admiring her work for a few years now, so this little Faroese shawl is going to be my first project of her designs. It is currently #2 in my Ravelry queue.

Other things going on in my life: designing a database application for someone’s business (which is a paid project…!), doing a pro bono database for a small charity organization (whose deadline isn’t until November, thank goodness!), and doing my normal things like Wednesday bible study.

Whew, I’m exhausted! I sure wish there was more time in the day….