a long intermission

Dear Diary,

It has been several weeks since I have written, and for that I apologize. I have no excuse other than I’ve been a little busy. I’ve been to Nashville and back. I’ve been to Chicago to the Blues Festival and back. And I’ve had a solid week at work. Needless to say that I’m a little tired and I thought you could use a check-in.

First, the conference. The software company that makes my school’s student administrative system holds a user conference every year. Traditionally only 2-3 people from the college have attended, much to my frustration. This year, however, we managed to send a total of 15 people – each representing all the major offices on campus. This was both a blessing and a, well, a lesser blessing. One of the great things about attending a user conference is the opportunity to see how other schools have been creative in solving their business problems. There is no one way to use the software and no one way to solve a problem. The “lesser blessing” comes when I have certain users on campus who get fantastically excited about what other schools are doing that they come back all fired up and eager to implement new things in their office. This is great enthusiasm, but 99% of the time they also need my help and my boss’ help to get them on their way…and well, there is only so much that the two of us can do. But, the good news is that we have been approved to hire a programmer for one year…and we are hoping and praying that we find someone who can step right in with minimal training and be so fantabulous at their job that the college can’t help but offer them a full, long-term position. We can hope.

I am making progress in the sweater from my last post. I don’t have a great picture of it but I do have this:

This is the back side of the work, so you can’t see the pretty cables, but you can at least see the color. Isn’t it wonderful? This is *my* color. It is perfect for me.

Anyway, on to my trip to Chicago. I wanted to go to a new yarn store yesterday, so I called up my cohort in crime and begged her to go with me. We started off on the train and then took a long stroll to get to the yarn store. It was wonderful. Nice staff, big store and a wonderful, wonderful selection of yarn. I think they had the entire range of Cascade 220 on hand, as evidenced here:

What a wall of color! They had separate rooms for lace and fingering weight yarn, another room for DK, worsted and bulky, and a DOWNSTAIRS that had DISCOUNTED yarn. Kate purchased some black and red yarn so that she could knit something “Lake Forest-y” for winter. (She made a hat last year that was auctioned off at the annual Christmas charity auction for …wait for it….$76. She is a fabulous knitter, don’t let her convince you otherwise.) Me? I walked away with a skein of some Madelinetosh Lace in the Mare colorway. I couldn’t resist. It was speaking my name.

After the yarn store we headed on over to hear some blues at the Blues Festival, which is one of the free concert festivals in Chicago during the summer. Yesterday was the perfect day to go: no rain, low sixties for the high, and cloudy (i.e. no sunscreen). We sat and knit and had fun. And guess what? Yesterday was actually the annual “knit in public day”, so we were right on par with other knitters yesterday, although, now that I think about it we didn’t see any other knitters out there. Hm. Maybe they didn’t know. By the time we got home we had walked 3.4 miles. I was exhausted and went to bed at 8:15, getting up this morning at 8 AM. I’m better now, thank you.

So you see, Diary, I’ve had a lot of things to do and think about these last few weeks, but I hope to return to some more normal writing. I know you missed me.




2 thoughts on “a long intermission

  1. Wow, the yarn shop sounds like a field trip for this year’s NSKO. Speaking of which, we should start planning it. Are you up for it? Sometime in fall, maybe October or November, after the start of school crazies die down. What do you think?

    1. YES! My parents will be coming up for a visit, hopefully late Sept/early Oct, so as long as we plan for after that I’m good. I’ll talk to Kate about it.

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