a little summer sweater

I somehow *ahem* purchased acquired obtained some lovely Knit Picks yarn two weeks ago and have been searching high and low for the perfect little summer “sweater” (because you know I live in the land of the FREEZING).

Whatcha think of this?

It is from the current issue of Knit Simple and I am going to use this yarn:

It is Knit Picks Comfey (75% Cotton, 25% Acrylic) colorway = Merlin (and it is a rich turquoise blue).

Since I am a tight controlled neat knitter, I usually go up a needle size to account for the..neatness. I did a swatch last night in size 9 needles and it was way too *ahem* loose for me, so I redid the swatch in size 8 needles (the suggested size) and it was still a little too loose, so I think I’m going to re-swatch tonight with size 6 needles. hopefully either the 6 or a 7 will work. I’ll take a pic and let you all see the swatch.


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