Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, part 2

Now that I’m home, have had 12 straight hours of sleep (from the 14 hour drive home) and have put in a good day at work saving the College, my mind turns once again to the events this weekend.

When I tell some people where I went this weekend I get an eye-roll, you know, one of those gestures that says something like “what, are you crazy? driving all the way to Maryland to see sheep? Don’t they have sheep in Illinois?” And the short answer is, “well, of course there are sheep in Illinois! Duh!”, but what I really want to say is this:

One of the universal truths about knitters is that the more you see what other people are wearing, making, or are about to make, the more you want to talk to them about their craft. How long did it take? What size did you make? What yarn did you use? All of which are great questions and ones that we knitters like to share – and what better place to share ideas and thoughts at but at a Sheep and Wool festival where there are a plethora of knitters about?

And not just knitters – but sheep people, yarn people, spinning people, felting people, dying people (dye not die), and needles people. And lots of them. There are workshops by people that we read about all the time in blogs and magazines and to learn fabulous new techniques like lace edgings. Even famous people teach these classes.

But what made this trip really special was seeing people I know and am fond of, who love all things fiber, and spending time with them. Experiencing the Festival with them. Getting their opinions about what to make and what to buy. But most of all just spending time with people who love the craft as much as you do.

So I’ll drive it again, thank you very much. It may be crazy but then everyone knows that I already am!

Marylin and Peter: it was great seeing you guys again and especially seeing your new lives! Where you live is certainly a very different place than Evanston, but it seems to suit you guys well.  🙂

Kate: I’m glad we were able to take the trip together and hope that any bad habits I have formed in my life didn’t drive you crazy! 🙂 It was a pleasure for me and I totally enjoyed the drive!