shawls galore

I’m working on 3 shawls right now. The first one I’ve blogged about here. The second one is this one – a “rounded” shawl, not quite triangular not quite circular. It is very open lacework and I’m knitting it in the fingering weight Alpaca I purchased a few years ago at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. It is a little on the fuzzy side, but I think it will look good after it is washed and blocked.

The third shawl is this one that I will be casting on today (provided I have the right size needles with me). The pattern is called Citron, but since I’m knitting it in a deep red/tan verigated yarn I’ll have to think of something more appropriate. I’m knitting this one for Lori, something light and small to go over her shoulders and neck in the winter time.

Speaking of Festivals, guess where I am going this week? To the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!  Yipee! I have amended my driving directions to exclude all toll roads, since I calculated we would spend about $30 one way in tolls, and this is unacceptable. Here is the route that we will be taking.  I’ll try to update the blog with progress made. Mapquest says that it will take 13 hours to drive, but I’m hoping we can do it in about 12. We’ll see.

I’m a little sore from “working” in my garden driveway outside yesterday. I have a small “bed” of tulips along the south side of my house, along the driveway, and I de-weeded and de-grassified about an 8 foot section, laying mulch down as well. My hamstrings are killing me. I need to get back out this afternoon and do some more work. Hopefully I can work out all the muscular pain before the big weekend this weekend.