a long silence

Some people would say that silence is golden, except of course if you are a blog. Which this is and I duly apologize for my absence. Instead of writing in prose what all has happened, I’m going to enumerate them for you. I’ll probably write at length on a few of these, but for now this is what has been happening.

  1. I celebrated a birthday on the 5th. It was nice.
  2. My beloved car died on the 6th, it wasn’t nice.
  3. I bought a new car on the 8th, it is nice.
  4. I now have a car payment, this isn’t nice.
  5. My cousin’s daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday – it was nice to see them.
  6. I left my glasses at their house so I had to drive back on Sunday to get them – this was nice too seeing as I had a new car. 🙂
  7. Work is very hectic – this isn’t so nice.
  8. There is a very, very slim possibility of filling our vacant programmer’s position, which would be nice, but I’m not holding out.
  9. The semester is almost over – this week won’t be nice but next week will.  🙂
  10. I’m going on a road trip next week, which will be very nice.
  11. I’ll be going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, which, again, will be very nice.
  12. I joined the American Christian Fiction Writer’s guild, and have officially begun my novel – which is nice.
  13. I have 16 tulip buds with more on the way – this is not just nice, this is fantastic.
  14. We had really, really wonderful weather this weekend and yet I did no yard work, this is awful of me, and I pledge to amend my ways.
  15. I did clean and straighten up the kitchen and dining room (one can now see the table top and could even eat there should one choose), which is my excuse for not doing yard work, nice for the house, not so nice for the yard.