One of the things that draws me to knitting are the nuances that shape a knitted fabric. You do one little “knit two together” and you get a little “fold” in there that gives it a little bit of a direction. You do one “purl” stitch within a fabric that is all stockinette and you get a little “bump”. Do one yarn over and you have a hole (on purpose). Combine these things and you can create textures and patterns with such subtlety and precision you would be surprised it was hand made. Until now I’ve been following other people’s designs. I’m currently knitting a shawl that is called Waves in the Square and is a variation of Eunny Jang’s “Print O’ the Wave” stole (click the link to see her original work). The one I’m doing has the same pattern but is actually done in a square set on point. Like this:

My little diagram doesn’t do it justice, but you sort of get the idea. The shawl is knit in 3 equal sections (divided by the blue lines, and yes, I can tell that the back here is way out of proportion) and is knit from the top down going back and forth in the direction of the arrows. What is intriguing about this shaping is that it is really neither a square shawl nor a circular shawl and yet is has properties of both. A square shawl is one that is entirely square and is worn folded in half into triangles. A circular shawl is either a full on circle and worn by folding it in half, or is more like a poncho – it has a big hole in the middle for your head. This shawl is the shape of a square, knitted like a circle and worn like a triangle, or actually a Faroese shawl. Strange, but it will offer more coverage and will stay on better than any of the individual “parts”.

Getting the shape is, as I said yesterday, just the first part. Now I need to decide what the pattern is going to be. I’m really drawn to wavey things – ocean, lakes, water in general, I guess. I also love lighthouses. So I want to design something that will incorporate those things. Hm…that should keep me busy for a while.


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