I’m back to my facination with lace after having taken a small break to explore the world of cowls. I pulled out my current shawl project only to discover that I forgot where I put the pattern.  I’ll find it tonight, I’m sure. I’ve been thinking about designing my own lace shawl but am still only in the thinking stages. I have no clue how to design something. I would like to design a faroese shawl, but have not yet made one so I don’t know how they are constructed. With that in mind I purchased a pattern to make one – you can see a picture here – and I even have the yarn for it, so I will probably cast on soon for it. Shawls are usually knit in one of four shapes: rectangle, triangle, square (which is a smaller rectangle but then worn like a triangle) and a circle (worn like a half circle). What makes a faroese shawl a little different is that while it has the basic triangular shaping, there is some additional shaping done down the center back so that the shawl will sit and stay on the shoulders a little better.

Here’s an example.

Knowing the shape of the shawl is just the first step in learning to design one. I’ve started trying to create my own motifs and will have to then translate the motifs into patterns that then translate into a shawl design. I don’t know – this might be too difficult of a process.


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  1. Girl, you are getting more ambitious as you progress in your ‘knitting journey’! Not content to just knit, you have to start ‘inventing’ things to do. This trait is in your nature–you have always not been ‘content’ with things the way they are, but you have to figure out a way to change things. I can cite examples going back to when you were a 6-month old baby–but I won’t get into that and embarrass you. Not that anything is actually embarrassing, it is just nobody else will be interested. Love you.

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