That is the sound of me releasing an arrow, it flying through the air and hitting my mojo into place. It may not be 100% fixed, as the arrow is still quivering (love that word), but at least the target was hit. I’m hoping that  it only takes one arrow and that the first one hit within a ring or two of the center (I’ve never had good aim so I know I didn’t hit the exact center) because I’m tired of my mojo being off.

That is a picture of the sun coming up over Lake Michigan one day last week. The sunrise was beautiful and I hope to capture more of these during the course of the spring and summer, so be prepared for pictures. I’m actually hoping that I can form some sort of habit that will cause me to be down near the lake in the mornings before I go to work. It would be nice to walk along the breakwater and breathe the fresh air.  I actually heard seagulls this morning, with their distinctive “mine!mine!mine!” call (from Nemo). It was glorious – except that I hope they don’t mistake the lake in my backyard for Lake Michigan. Keep flying little birds, keep flying – you can’t miss Lake Michigan!



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