For some odd reason I had a bout of spring cleaning this weekend. I swept the whole house and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. I then did some “straightening and relocating” of “stuff” on my desk in preparation for my new laptop and monitor. I actually finally got rid of all the old newspapers – even remembering to put them in the recycling and not the trash. I washed all dishes and put everything away and cleared my counters. I even purchased 2 new “black out” curtains and put one up. I’ve even proud of myself for remembering to take my reuseable grocery bags with me to the store instead of either purchasing more or using plastic bags. 🙂

I still have some more things that I need to get done, like removing all the trash that I’ve accumulated in my office (currently in 6 boxes), which I will have to do on a box-by-box basis as it won’t all fit in my trash bin. I need to purchase one more “black out” curtain (not sure why I purchased 2 when I had 3 windows to cover, but I did). After the boxes in the office I need to start dragging all the old cardboard boxes that I’ve accumulated from the basement out to my car so that I can recycle those as well. Lots and lots of dragging and hauling are in my future.

I finally have an idea for how I want to arrange my office. I want to “make” my desk out of an old glass door that is in my garage. It is part of the original house, I’m just not sure where it was used. It is long and skinny and will fit on the north wall nicely. It should be a slim enough profile that I won’t feel it is cutting into my floor space. I also have one more bookshelf from Ikea to purchase and then I can rearrange my shelving in the office, producing more floor space.

And, I slept wonderfully last night for the first time in many, many days. Oh, and I’ve started taking some vitamins (Fish Oil yuck, vitamin D and some calcium pills). Need to purchase some glucosamine-condroitin, but that stuff is expensive so it is going to wait a bit.

A lot of changes made this weekend.  Let’s hope they stick.


3 thoughts on “spring…cleaning?

  1. Now I am really sorry I called you so early saturday. But, you got a lot of work done so maybe “early to rise, early to bed” has good meaning after all. You got a lot of house work done and you did something good for your health. congrads.

    I have been thinking about when we will come see you. When is a good time and what do you need done? I do not expect a repeat of my back problem that hindered my work for you last time. so, think about it and let me know.

  2. Be sure that you do not have elevated levels of calcium in your blood–like I do– before you start taking more. I started taking calcium when I started going through menopause because I was told to by doctors. This was to prevent calcium from ‘leaking’ from my bones and weakening them. So many older women ‘fall’ and break hips, etc. when in reality their hip breaks and that causes them to fall. I don’t go back to my PCP until sometime in April, so I won’t know if I am to stop taking my Oscal or not. He should have the results of my bone density test by then. Love you.

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