road trip!

I’ve had a sudden and all too brief flash of spring fever (the temperature one day last week was a whopping 52!) and now I feel a road trip coming on! Where to, you might wonder? Maryland. For the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, silly!  🙂

My friend (TinkerBell) aka Marylin, who was here for the North Shore Knit Out back in November, now lives in Maryland, hence the need for her to “plan” for the NSKO. She has graciously invited the Frogger and I to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival the first weekend in May. I was originally not going to go because it would mean a) I would have to wait until May before taking any more time off and b) because the time off that I would take would be the final vacation availability for the fiscal year. This isn’t a really big deal, but it’s kind of a bummer to think that I have to work all of March and all of April before I can take a day off.  I suppose I could always get sick. Intentionally. But that wouldn’t really be any fun.

The enticement for me was that 1) Marylin has a friend that raises sheep for wool resale, and I find that totally fascinating, and 2) she has a friend who is married to a publisher. Which means, if I do my research and play my cards right, I can not only start writing my book (using the people from the sheep farm), but I can also get some insight into the publishing world ALL IN ONE WEEKEND! WOOHOO! I most certainly cannot pass up that kind of opportunity.

And now that I’ve decided on going, I can’t stop thinking about my ROADTRIP!  I love road trips! Just LOVE them! You can read about my last one here and here, and while we might not be driving through 10 states, we will be driving through Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, parts of which I’ve never driven through before. It will be a short trip, but I will certainly get my driving time in, which will make me *happy*.  Really, I should have been a truck driver.

In other news, it is almost time for me to purchase a new lap top, the old one being 4 years old, which by PC terms is something like 200 years old. I spec’d out a new HP one and they can now put in a 2 TERABITE hard drive. U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.E.A.B.L.E. I can remember a time when something like that could only be dreamed of. I even remember a time when, back in the ancient computing days of 1987 when we bought our first PC that 20 MEGABITES was considered abnormally huge for a hard drive. Two terabytes. WOW.

Okay, moving on. I’m about 1/2 way finished with a crocheted afghan, pictures to follow soon. I have cast on for a knitted throw for my sister and have ideas about one for her husband for Christmas (can never start these things too soon!) and need to start planning a quilt for Niece #1. Anyone up for a fabric-buying road trip? I know a great store in Joliet.


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  1. If you want to avoid the tolls, you can come out on I70, which will add West Virginia to your state list. It’s the way we always used to drive it, mostly because we always came out at Christmas, and I80 skirts the Great Lakes, which is asking for trouble in winter weather. Just a thought!

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