new idea for a book…yes, a book

Or maybe just a series of blog posts. At least to begin with. Here’s the idea. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sustainable agriculture and how it applies to the Fiber world. I ‘ve been attending the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair and the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival‘s for 4 years now (this year will be the 5th) and I’ve begun to be extremely curios about all those local sheep/alpaca farms and their stories. Whey did they choose to get into the business, how long have they been doing it, how do they process their fiber, who do they sell it to, what is a routine day like? All sorts of questions. And that’s what I want to write about. The more I think about these little independent farms, the more I want to know. I want to go there and work for a weekend. I want to experience their life for a short while. And I want to write their stories.

What do you think? Do you think anyone would be interested in reading such stuff?


5 thoughts on “new idea for a book…yes, a book

  1. Yes, but finding a publisher may be a bit tricky. I hope you’re researching the non-fiction publishing industry and learning about how to write a book proposal, outline & sample chapters.

    Of course you could always self-publish, but that could be expensive up front because of the lavish amounts of good photography that you’d want to have (because if I were writing/buying a book about this subject I’d want it to be LUSH with pictures).

    I do think that the subject would be extremely interesting. I also suspect that if you spent much time on a yarn farm you’d never come back… I could see the light of enthusiasm in your eyes at the Sheep & Wool Fair.

  2. Jane, good thoughts about doing the research. I think that before I get there I would like to at least have the outline for the book and have a more concrete idea of direction. I think I might try a few blog posts first just to get used to the writing idea and then I can be more formal with the book proposal.

  3. So, are you coming to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival? If you do, I’ll introduce you to my friend with the Jacob sheep farm, who will be selling some of her wares at the festival. Mostly she’s a biology professor at the College, but she also has a herd of 70 sheep.

    I’ll also introduce you to my CSA farmer, who has meat sheep not wool sheep but would be happy to have you work on his farm for a while I’m sure, and his wife who is a VP at Random House. Maybe she has some ideas about getting published.

    Holy cow, now you have to come out!

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