gearing up for a busy spring

I’ve just finished a one week online training course and now my brain is mush. Most of the topics covered I already knew (and yes, I did do some knitting while I was sitting in my office listening to a very boring repetition of things already known) but yesterday my mind was completely blown away. So blown away that I now have the strong desire to re-do all of the online databases that I’ve built over the last 4 years. That would make for one *very* busy spring. On top of which I already have a boat load of work to do. So much for those winter blahs.

We’ve had some unusually warm weather this last week and even though the snow has not completely melted in my front yard, I am happy to report that my basement seems to still be dry. Yey!

But know let’s turn this post over to the far more interesting topic of “knitting”, since that is what I do. I am in Plainfield this weekend visiting my H friends and I have to say that last night was wonderful. I had called M a few months ago and asked him if L would want a cowl now that she was losing weight and had surgery, I was thinking that she wasn’t having hot flashes anymore. (This idea was based in part on the fact that in November, L, who HATES to wear scarves, bought one and wore it ALL weekend IN THE HOUSE because she was cold.) He said NO. She wouldn’t wear it. *boo* I thought, ’cause I just made her one. *sigh* okay, on to plan B.

Well, last night, nearly as soon as I walked in the door, I was showing L all the things I’ve made, including the cowl, and she said, “you know, I was wondering if you could knit me either a new scarf or a shawl thing because my shoulders get cold.” *???* What? đŸ™‚ So I said, as noncommittally as I could, “Well, you know, I originally made this for you….” to which I received the BIGGEST squeal and hug I’ve ever received from her. Not once, but TWICE! Well, I know now that I should never listen to M, I should go with my instincts and do what I know to be right. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Score one.

Then I showed her the baby sweater for A’s new baby and the hat that I made and she loved it too. So now I need to see if A loves it. I’ll keep you posted…we might just have a double scoring weekend on our hands.


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