This is a sad tale of a girl and her phone.  One day a young girl found a perfect combination of cell phone carrier and cell phone.  They went everywhere together: vacations, dinner parties and even the occasional date.  Well, okay not the dating part, but you get the picture.  Then one day she forgot her phone and left it behind while she went off to what she thought would be a warm and fun family vacation. (It turned out to be fun but not warm, but that is a different sad tale, not this one.)  During said vacation the phone suffered a massive and fatal heart attack.  The girl was sad when she discovered this upon her return.  Not one to grieve for very long she set out to find a new phone.

You know the feeling that when you’ve had the “perfect” everything else will automatically fall short? Well, this is how the girl felt and so she tried very hard to let go of the past and embrace the present.  She embraced the android market, forsaking the blackberry one thinking that the droids we the new coolest thing.  For one full week she loved her new phone and embraced even its shortcomings like extremely short battery life.

But then something terrible happened.  Her wonderful carrier, the one she had vowed to protect and love did something devastating : it announced (after a very long and arduous waiting period) that it would finally sell the much coveted and often talked about and eagerly anticipated iPhone.  Now the girl was faced with a delimma: stay with the drips and feel like she had just been benched for the national championship game or drop the new phone like a hot popato and cut her losses.

Stay tuned for the stunning ending of this little tale.

In other news, I finished a baby sweater today.  Pics to follow soon.



Edited later to add: I just found out that Mom also got a new phone and since I was going to buy her an iPhone as well we decided to wait.  We’ll let K and J iron out all the kinks of learning the technology and then let Verizon iron out all the kinks of millions of people coming up on their network.  Then, by the time we’re ready for the iPhone everyone will be ready.


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