feeling the burn

Today is Thursday.  The 4th day of the week (the work week, that is).  I have gone to the sports center here on campus 3 times this week, walking 1 mile each time.  My knees are killing me.  But I’m feeling good.  I actually got up to a speed of 3.3 mph this morning, the fastest I’ve walked since my mom walked me to school on the first day of first grade, at which time I had to run to keep up with her (my mom, in case you didn’t know, was an Olympic speed walker in another life and has yet to realize that it wasn’t in THIS life…needless to say she is a FAST walker).  But this is not about my mom, it is about me.  My legs are burning right now.  I’m supposing this is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “feeling the burn

  1. My boss just circulated an article on boosting your brain power. She was a biology professor before she got into IT. There are a lot of ideas on what you can do to keep your brain working well as you grow older, but this article says most of them are unproven at best. The three things which are holding up under scientific scrutiny are moderate aerobic exercise (eg walking 45 minutes 3 days a week), mindfulness meditation, and playing certain video games which stimulate multiple types of thinking and require periods of intense focus. So see, what you are doing is for your brain as well as your body!

    1. You know Marylin, you are the first person who has endorced my workouts from the “healthy brain” standpoint. I respect that. My brain does need to be healthy. Thank you!

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