playing catch up

Today is Saturday afternoon and I’m catching up on TV shows that I’ve Hulu’d for the past few weeks.  I worked the last 2 days catching up on … well … work.  And I slept late this morning catching up on, you guessed it, sleep.  Vacations are wonderful things, made even more wonderful by awsome family, peace and quiet, time to relax and most of all, time for knitting.  So let me catch you up on some visual things that have been happening in my life lately.

I went home for Christmas this year.  To me, “home” is whereever my parents are and right now that is the Atlanta area.  My sister and her husband and 2 girls also live there, just a mere 3 miles from Mom & Dad’s house.  My 2 nieces are the life of my parents – I sometimes secretly wonder if they retired just so that they could be “available” to them.  Here is my Dad, aka Papa, with them and below is my Mom with them.  Can you tell that they love to make faces for the camera?

 One of my December projects was to make a baby blanket for Gabby, all the pictures posed in a previous blog post.  Here is her when she opened it up.  I think she likes it…what do you think?

My sister planned for all of us to go to a cabin in the North Georgia mountains for a few days.  Unfortunately, on Christmas day the North Georgia mountains received 10+ inches of snow, effectively shutting down everything up there and preventing us from going up.  Instead we set up their new Wii game at my parents house and hung out there the rest of the week.  One thing we were able to do was make a trip to Cleveland, GA.  The home of Cabbage Patch dolls.  Here are Olivia and Gabby (making a face again) sitting on the petal bench in the front of the “Hospital”.  Below are the dolls they picked out.


One of the things that I’m going to love about being an aunt is teaching my nieces all the things that I love to do…like crochet and knit.  Here is Olivia getting acquainted with yarn and needles.  The whole knitting thing just didn’t happen this time (I do think she is a little too young), but she did make a good try of things.

Including making a mess of the yarn…  🙂

But really, I did teach her how to crochet a chain – something that she caught on to really fast and really loved.  I made her keep her yarn and hook in a baggie like me and she was most proud of her “crochet”.

This is Olivia modeling my latest cowl.

She really is a lovely 5-year old.  I loved seeing all the changes in her since April when I saw her last.  She is beginning to get her reasoning skills (or problem solving thinking) and I had some amazing conversations with her.  I got to spend 4 whole days of *mostly* quality time with her towards the end of my vacation as we took a mini-vacation to Louisiana to visit my Grandmother, Meme for a few days.  Here is Meme with both of her sons (my Dad is on the right).  We get the family together and celebrated her 88th birthday (which will happen later this month).

Here is the whole family: Top Row: Caleb, Meredith (my cousin), Uncle Ben, my Dad, me    Bottom Row: Maci, Meme and Olivia.

Maci, Caleb and Olivia are the Great-Grand kids – the only one missing was Gabby.  Meredith and I are the only surviving Grandkids, my cousin Gary having passed away 4 years ago.  All in all, aside from the actual travel part, the vacation was a good one.  I didn’t think about work too much, I did a lot of reading and knitting, played with the nieces and had a lot of fun.

Only to return to the work grind.  I did so something kinda cool, though.  Last night my friend Jane drove me and another friend into the city to catch a production of The Mikado, a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta that is quite hilarious.  I happened to sit next to an older lady who was there to reminisce about the fact that she starred 3 times as Yum Yum (the main heroine of the operetta).  She was singing the whole time.  Aside from that it was a good operetta.

This was my little project for today: wind some of the yarn in my stash.  The while balls are something that the Bags sent me for Christmas (or something) – Stu having purchased it in 1976 in Scotland of all places.  I guess Terry is in a de-stashing mode right now…I just hope she finds more.  This stuff is scrumptious.  The pink ball is my next pair of socks.  Dark blue on the left is a new cowl as are the 2 gray tweed balls on the right.  Once my left arm recovers from all that winding, I’ll start a new project.

There.  Do you feel caught up?  Good.