all that remains

I’ve been a little bit busy these days.  Working, sewing and knitting.  I’ve been places, seen people and done things.  Busy, busy, busy me.  I’m nearly ready for Christmas, family, vacation, and REST.

Here’s a peek what what I’ve been doing.  First up is a gaiter.  A gaiter is a neck warmer that is closely fitted to the neck, as opposed to a cowl which tends to be a bit bulkier.  This gaiter is also my first attempt at color work where two (and sometimes more) colors are knitted on the same row.


Here is what the backside looks like:

(sorry that it’s a little blurry)

I also made this cowl last Saturday (all in one day!):

It was made with the yarn (pictured in the top) called Misty Alpaca..which is sooooooooo soft. And warm. And cuddly.  It fits loose enough for me to pull it over my head.  It works really really well on these very cold winter mornings.  (The temps here for about the last 2 weeks have been at 20 or below, most mornings starting off in the single digits.)

And now that my neck is warm, I’m think you’ll want to see the Puppy Dog Quilt….so, here it is.  I finished it last night at about 10 PM, all that remains is for it to be washed.

Here is a close-up of the face.  I chain-stitched the mouth on (after drawing it free hand).  The only major change I made to this pattern was that I decided to make the eyes and nose “raggedy-edged” like the rest of the blanket.  The original pattern had you creating these nice and finished “disks” that would be stitched to the face, but since this is a rag-quilt, I decided to make the eyes and nose fit the rest of the quilt. 

This is one of the paws.  The original pattern had a single line to make the “toes” but I decided to put little hearts there.  Cute?

Here is puppy sitting up.  When I stand up and hold the blanket up, it is nearly as tall as me.  I sure hope Gabby likes it.  We’ll find out on Saturday!


9 thoughts on “all that remains

  1. Good for you!!! Looks great. I sure hope to little one likes it. Have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas!!!

  2. Tonja, that’s just adorable. I can picture Gabby carrying it around with her. What a labor of love that has been. If you counted the hours you spent on it, I’m sure you’d be amazed and wonder where you found the time. Have a wonderful vacation and give everyone hugs for us!

  3. Mom, wait until you see it in person!

    Marylin, there are some problems with the gaiter…I tend to knit tightly and my tension was off most of the way. Kate showed me how to turn it inside out and do the colorwork that way and it did “open” it up some, but not really enough. I’m working on another colorwork cowl and am using more stitches, so hopefully it will fit a little better. I’m also a little nervous about using one of her finger thingies, but I may have to give it a try.

  4. You should be VERY proud of all three projects. The colorwork is awesome, and the puppy dog is so cute. And, I love the colors on the cowl. Three winners!

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