getting ready

I am officially getting ready for the holidays.  I do realize that today is December 16th, but better late than, well, later.  I made some progress on the puppy dog last night and I hope to have it completely finished this weekend.  I have 4 more sections to “quilt” and then I get to start assembling the sections together.  I have finally come to the conclusion that Betsy (my sewing machine) does not like harsh work environments and if I stick to a 1.5 hour at a time working plan we should do just fine.

I have the books for Olivia sitting in my living room and I just need to wrap them.  No problem.

I have placed a hold on my mail and newspaper…so hopefully neither will accumulate needlessly in my yard proving that I’m not there.

I mailed my sanitation bill (all of $2.32) today.

I will be “purchasing” Kris and Jude’s present today and Mom and Dad’s presents today – making these the final things I need to do.

Ready or not, Christmas Holiday 2010, HERE I COME!

Oh, and I was accused today (by my co-worker across the hall) that I am not festive enough today.  So I have garnered my Christmas Reindeer PEZ dispenser, filled it with candy and am ready to PEZ anyone around (at least until the candy runs out).  I think this is festive enough.

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