NSKO part deux

Saturday was the day we “escaped from [our] troubled, caged lives” by booking it up to Kenosha (WI) to raid the single, lonely yarn store of their wonderful, colorful yarns.  Then, when we got hungry, we stopped by Spanky’s for some vittles and hung out with the old dudes watching college football.

If this is sounding a bit “Thelma and Louise” to you, then you would be correct.  At least according to Kate. (Actually, Spanky’s wasn’t all that bad, even though the sign read “Warm Beer, Bad Food and Ugly Waitresses”.)  I scored some fine Cascade Peruvian Wool (2 skeins) (to be used for a hat) (or mittens) (or a cowl) (I can’t decide) and one skein of Misty Alpaca chunky yarn to be used for a cowl.  I can’t remember what Kate purchased, or Marylin, so it must not be yarn as good as mine.  😉 

Saturday was my day to cook dinner, so I made my Mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce while Kate whipped up some homemade (from scratch) (the real thing) Italian bread (without a recipe) and I think it was a hit.  At least we are all still alive, so I guess it was a success.  Sunday was our day to raid the Vogue Fabric store in Evanston, to which we had to take along Kate’s daughter, who is a child clothing design genius.  This is where I found the most perfect material for drapes (picture previously posted) except that is too expensive for me to purchase, which means that it is NOT the most perfect material for me. *sigh* Oh well.

As for Thanksgiving, it was a fantabulous success.  I made Cornish Hens exactly the way my Mom makes them. (Thanks, Mom, for the recipe!)

And I am now working on a secret project  – secret from Kate, that is.

So with that, I’ll leave you for another day.  Toodles!