North Shore Knit Out, part 1

This past weekend was a blur of knitting, friendship and shopping, but I’ll try my best to recap some of the highlights.  I’ll start off with a little haiku.

Cowl – twelve hours knitting
You would think I could finish
But alas it isn’t.

In case you were wondering, one of the funnier blogs that I enjoy reading recently had a haiku contest…that’s where the idea came from.  Anyway, on Friday, Marylin and I spent nearly 12 hours at Kates house knitting and watching movies, and one of us slept (some).  We had some wonderful chili and cornbread for dinner.  We watched Jane Austin.  And I didn’t finish my cowl.  Okay, to be frank, I finished all the knitting of the cowl, but I didn’t get to the weaving in the ends part, so I was 99.9% finished.  But, seriously, it took me 12 hours to knit 9 rows and bind off.  The bind off was the bear.

Cast on and bind off.
Which is worse? I say it is
the latter. For sure.

Now I feel that I need to back up and explain how this whole weekend came about.  I started knitting 6 years ago.  I started working at Lake Forest College 4 years ago.  Marylin was my co-worker.  I discovered she knit socks (a lot, and without a pattern, mind you) and that she knit once a week with Kate, who also works at the College.  Marylin moved away but Kate and I have been knitting in cahoots ever since.  So this year, over spring break, Kate decided to go visit Marylin and they spent a whole week puttering around to yarn stores and knitting.  I was jealous. (Well, only a little jealous, because, if you recall, I spent my whole spring break driving all over on my 10 state tour, which was the perfect way for me to spend my break – except that I didn’t get any knitting done.)  Anyway, Marylin had not been back here since she moved and decided it was time to visit.  But she had no place to stay.  But now that I have a home, she will always have a place to stay.  So she came out for a visit and Kate and I took some time off and we did what we enjoy doing best: we knit.

One of the things that I like about the two of them (Kate and Marylin) is that when they get together to knit, I learn a LOT.  They not only enjoy the social aspect of the craft, but they enjoy the craft itself and all the amazing things that can be done with fiber.  Kate, a self taught knitter, can do some amazing things – she was knitting a hat with a rope border, a rope that was knitted into the brim of the hat – NOT an easy thing to do.  (I’ll take a picture of it soon.)  But in her demonstration of this, it gave Marylin an idea for a sweater that she had planned to make and we spent quite a bit of time discussing the ins-n-outs of sweater design.  The knowledge of these two is immeasurable.

I wasn’t going to put this up until later, but on Sunday we took a trip down to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston.  It is a HUGE store of fabric – just about anything you could possibly want, they will have.  I almost didn’t go into the back to look at upholstery fabrice, but I am so glad I did.  I found this:

This damask is the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. shade of blue and chocolate brown for my living room.  PERFECT, I tell you.  I’ve been thinking about doing a tone-on-tone damask design in the dining room and having the flow of the design from the living room to the dining room will work well.  Plus this will hadd a modicum of elegance, I think.  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  Now I just need to measure everything and go back and buy that fabric before they sell it to someone else.


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  1. I can hardly believe that I am the first to comment! I agree with you that this is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. fabric for drapes. Be sure to get more than you actually need–in case of mistakes–and you can have some left over for some pillows.

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