I think I need a maid

Yes, you read that correctly.  If not a maid, then someone to at least come in and cook for me.  I don’t know how single people living singly do it.  Last night I took out 4 bags of trash (kitchen, freezer, fridge, dining room table trash, bathroom and a few other odds and ends).  And I did 4 loads of laundry (I’ve discovered that I have waaaaaayyyyy too many items like towels, socks, underwear and sheets).  Cooked dinner.  Folded laundry and got to cross off 3 items from my list.  (I only have 1 left!  YEY!)  Whew!  ALL after working 9 hours.  Don’tcha feel sorry for me? 

Tonight I have grocery shopping to do and then I think I’ll be done for a bit.

I sure hope it was all worth it.

(Actually, I know it was all worth it – it is just a lot of work to do.  I guess the wise old saying “clean as you go” that Mom tried to drill into me as a child is finally making sense – after, what, 40 years?  Well I guess it is better late than never.  I actually like having things put way in their places…all nice and neat.  I even threw away some *stuff* that I had been saving for who knows what.  Yes, Mom, you read that correctly – I THREW AWAY SOME USELESS STUFF! *GASP* (not much, but some))

The other thing that I learned is that having fewer towels, socks, underwear and sheets makes for more frequent laundering, but it becomes a lot less overwhelming.  I had been of the mindset for a while (about 6 years in fact) that if I had 30 pairs of *unmentionables*, then I would only need to do laundry once a month.  This strategy worked well for quite a few years when I would gather all my washing and take it over to a friends house.  But now that I have the convenience of a washer and dryer, I haven’t changed my ways.  Well, no more.  I’m going to do laundry once a week.  Period.

So the North Shore Knit Out begins officially on Friday morning, when Marylin and I get up and make our way over to Kate’s house.  Kate is going to have a variety of food for us, including chili (one of my favorites) and I have the movies (Jane Austin makes for some great knitting entertainment).  But on Saturday and Sunday the Knit Out will be at my house.  Which means I gotta cook.  YEY!  I GET TO COOK!  I’m going to make my Mom’s spaghetti recipe from when I was a kid – the best stuff EVER! – and probably do some kind of something else for Sunday (I’m thinking soup, not sure yet).  And THEN I get to prepare for Thanksgiving.  Cornish Hens, here I come!