totally uncharacteristic of me

I made a list.  A list of *gasp* CHORES.  Yup, I sure did.  I came home Sunday night (from a very relaxing weekend in Plainfield) a little depressed by how much work still needed to be done to get the house ready for MB this weekend.  (I know, I know – I can hear you say “buy then why did you go to Plainfield last weekend” to which my only reply is: I needed REST more than HOUSEWORK.) So I made a list, broken down by day of things that I need to do.  Then, by the end of Sunday night, a day on which I added NO chores, I had already crossed off two.  🙂  Lists can be very effective.  Last night when I got home I actually DID the chores I had assigned myself for Monday – plus one for Tuesday, so now I feel totally ahead of the game.  I might like this whole list making thing.  *well, maybe*

(MB, you should know, that while I like the fact that “clutter” is okay with you, when there is no place to sit at the dining room table and eat a decent meal (like breakfast), then something is drastically wrong, and it was.  Drastically.)

Rather “mature” of me, dontcha think? 

Although, I just now realized that I need to gather up my knitting projects to take to Kate’s house.  Hm.  Will have to ponder this one for a while and then … add it to the list.