The mess:

Livingroom Exhibit #1:

This one is a better representation of the actual color.  (BTW – my grandmother made those quilts hanging there and the afghan you see!)

And I now have a little reading corner…

Here is the shelf I put in my bedroom.

I think I finally found the perfect use for those armchair doilies.  I’m not sure who made them (Mom – do you know?) but I do know they are old.  The couple there is my mom’s parents – Lloyd and Kathleen.  I discovered a few years ago that my smile is her smile.  That made me happy.  (In case you are wondering about the duck, my first Girl Scout troop gave me that just as the Beenie Baby craze hit – I called them my little duckies.)

oops…I just realized that I don’t have a picture of my Dad up there.  Sorry Dad…I’ll have to get you up soon.  🙂