lights, knobs, friends and warnings

I don’t have a lot of time to go into lots of details about this last week’s events, so I’m writing the abbreviated version.  Hope you enjoy!

  • Wednesday: got into car after bible study: no lights
  • Thursday: took car to repair shop – 6 lights out (both headlights, 2 break lights and 2 running lights)
  • Thursday: drove away from repair shop and started having transmission problems
  • Thursday: repair shop determined transmission problems not too bad….yet
  • Friday: took day off to collapse
  • Friday: went to do laundry and dryer broke
  • Friday: recovered enough from collapse to have people over for dinner.
  • Friday: dinner guests had good time (!)
  • Saturday: did sound for a wedding at church then stayed to do song visuals at service (=long day)
  • Monday: called dryer store and they said they would send someone out on Tuesday
  • Tuesday: found out friend from college in Chicago and didn’t tell me 😦
  • Tuesday: meetings…ugh!
  • Tuesday: dryer repair man called me and diagnosed the problem over the phone, after I had left to meet him at the house
  • Tuesday: took rest of day off anyway
  • Tuesday: good news is dryer will work, just not with the knob, have to use pliers
  • Tuesday: called college friend and decided to drive down to O’Hare to see her before she leaves
  • Tuesday: on way down to O’Hare got pulled over by police
  • Tuesday: had good time with Anna, even if only for an hour
  • Tuesday: police were nice and gave me a warning (ostensibly because I “told the truth and didn’t try to lie”.  🙂 )
  • Wednesday: now I’m back at work.  UGH.

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