helpless maybe, but not hopeless

I was speaking with my sister the other day and she is wanting to come a visit me to see my new house.  Great!  Except that she also wants to come so that she can “help me with house stuff”.  And, in this conversation she also mentions that Mom and Dad were planning to visit to “help me do stuff around the house”.  Basically what they are saying is “Tonja has never owned a home before and she has never been responsible for one either…so she may just be a little ‘helpless’ (RE: clueless) with house things.”

Actually, they’re right.  As much as I would hate to admit it.  And I really do appreciate all the “help” that they’re offering.  I really do.  I know that home ownership is a huge responsibility and that there are many things that I don’t know…and I’m glad that my family thinks that I’m 1) teachable and 2) helpless.  This way I get to see them more…and I get free labor out of the deal.  :- )

(Mom, thank you for not being like Rizzoli’s mom!)


3 thoughts on “helpless maybe, but not hopeless

  1. Your comment I promise I will not do any work when we visit. I will be glad to supervise all work that will be done while we are there. I will also be willing to bring tools for you to do work but you have to tell me what you will be doing so I know which tools to bring. I am only trying to make you “less helpless.”

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