In the past I have freely admitted to my yarn addiction.  Who wouldn’t want tons and tons of soft fluffy stuff around?  Especially soft fluffy stuff that can be made into fabulous things?  Who, I ask?  Well, I am happy to say that I have added only 5 new skeins of yarn into my stash, one of which is already on the needles being made into something just fabulous!  While I had lots of fun at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair (MFFAF), there was just too much to see and do.  Kate and I were remarking that this year’s MFFAF had a wider variety of vendors: paper crafts, jewelry, quilting and other such novelties found a home in the barn.  There were over 130 vendors and I must say that half of one day is not enough time to pay due homage to each booth.  Not nearly. 

One good thing that came out of the fair this year was that Kate and I had the opportunity to take a class on lace edgings.  Now this may seem a little strange, but the more I think about it, lacework is on the edge of a great many things.  So learning how to knit these edgings onto the primary fabric in a variety of ways was very enlightening.  And the guy that taught the class did a fantastic job.  My only regret is not taking his other class on the history of lace knitting, but I couldn’t afford to take Friday off, or to even pay for the class.

All-in-all it was a FANTASTIC weekend and I am sure I will be spending this week recovering from all the standing and walking.  But I did take a nice little walk this morning – got to start the conditioning for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in September!


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