in retrospect..I was probably right to begin with

I finally had some time to cast on again for the new pair of socks that I’m knitting – the pair that I’m knitting on DPN’s for the first time and with a new “toe” technique that I decided to try.  When I was to the point where I was before the frogging happened, well, let’s just say that I had the same issue.  Things looked backwards to me.  And then I realized that it was supposedto look that way because of the short row technique.  UGH!  All that frogging for almost nothing (there was still the issue of alternating between the real yarn and the cast on tail that I knit with, but that is a different issue).  I’m glad that I frogged though, because I had the opportunity to widen the toe piece a bit to fit my foot better – yea!

In other news, I’ve been waiting (patiently) for some visitors to come my way.  The family that live across the street from us growing up is going to visit (well, the parents are coming, not the kids).  I’m so excited to see Terry and Stu!  They are like my surrogate parents and I haven’t seen them in over 5 years.  They purchased a motor home earlier in the year and they are currently on this massively long tour of nearly all the Lower 48 – due to pass my way on Thursday or Friday.  They actually stopped and said “hello” to my grandmother when they realized that they were passing through Monroe, Louisiana – something that was just very special for Meme.  The only problem is that when I got home yesterday I realized that my place was a MESS!  I still have empty boxes in my dinning/living room from unpacking the office 1.5 weeks ago!  Yuck!  I’ve been saving them for my friend Lee Ann, so I guess I’ll have to move the out to the garage, since it seems to stay dry in there during rain storms.

Speaking of rain, we have had the wierdest weather here lately.  It rains buckets and buckets for an hour and then quits, which causes minor flooding in the streets, and unfortunately in my basement (just a little trickle).  I’ve had to place a fan down there to help dry things out faster.  *sigh*  It looks like I’ll be calling a basement sealing company sooner that I had hoped.  I guess now is a good time to file my amended tax return so that I can get back that first time home buyer’s money.


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  1. Glad you are cleaning up a bit for the ‘Bags’. If you were to actually amend you tax return and actually get the tax money, you could use that to fix your basement!

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