the art of frogging

Frogging is one of those things that every knitter and crocheter out there is far too familiar with.  Frogging is what happens when you either don’t like what you are making or you make a mistake in what you are making.  To those of you non-knitterly folks, the term “frogging” comes from the sound of the yarn as it is ripped back (pun intended).

I started a pair of socks from this book:

Socks from the Toe Up: Essential Techniques and Patterns from Wendy Knits

just prior to going to my conference in Orlando.  It was a simple pattern…I would basically be knitting stockinette for the whole thing (i.e. no pattern, just straight knitting).  The ONLY difference between this pair of socks and the pair that I knit last year is that I was going to do these toe up – on double pointed needles, a new technique for me.  And not only was I going to do them on DPN’s, I was going to learn a new method for creating the toe – by using short rows.  I cast on, followed the directions and went happily on my way.  Until.

Until I was finished with the toe and I needed to distribute the stitches onto 4 needles instead of the 2 used just for the toe.  I got them distributed and went to continue on knitting but something was wrong.  The working yarn was on the wrong needles.  Okay, so I turned the sock inside out so that things would be reversed…but no…it wasn’t working properly.  I was so confused.  I set the project down for a while and came back to it and just. could. NOT. figure. it. out.

So I set it aside for an indefinite period of time, which happened to end this morning.  I thought I would take a little project with me to Plainfield…and this is such a perfect little project.  I mean, really…I’m a fairly intelligent person, despite my hair color, I can surely figure this one out.  Right?

Nope.  So I frogged.

And then.

Then I discovered what I had done wrong.  Somewhere, somehow, at some point in knitting the short row toe….I picked up and worked with the waste yarn.  That little tail of yarn that you have at the beginning and end of a project…the one that is just supposed to dangle…and not get used.  Well.  I used it. 

I was very sad to have to frog my little toe…but I was greatly relieved that I had not read the instructions incorrectly or was following a pattern that I wasn’t going to be able to understand.  Nope…I just knit with the wrong end.


2 thoughts on “the art of frogging

  1. All will be clear with the Frog! Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve figured out a pattern while taking it apart…I’d be independently wealthy that’s for sure!

  2. It is not DESPITE your hair color that you are intelligent! I would say it is BECAUSE of your hair color! It’s when intense chemicals get close to the brain, as in changing dark hair to light hair, do the brain cells seem to die off. They try to become more like the brainy, beautiful blonde, but in reality, make themselves ditzier than a doorpost. Revel in you blondness and make no apologies for intelligence or occasional light-haired wannabe moments.

    And thanks for the information on frogging. 🙂 I am more intelligent because of it.

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