lost…or just "whatever"

I’m not sure where I’ve been lately…but certainly not blogging.  Not sure why either.  Last week I was at a user’s conference and so was consumed with that all week and since I didn’t take my computer I did not do much Internet stuff.  The conference was really good…lots of great ideas for the college and for the projects that I’m working on.  This week has been consumed with playing the “catch up” game…one that I’m not really good at doing.  All I want to think about is all the really cool stuff I learned at the conference, not the “old”, mundane stuff that I need to do.  Ugh.  But I do get to have a day “off” this Friday…hopefully I can put together some of the bookcases/desk things that I purchased from Ikea. *yey*  Perhaps I can also do some creative writing.  *yey* again!

In sad news, the always tough decision was made to have Simba put to rest on Tuesday.  She is my “foster” cat, one of two that I am looking after for a friend.  She was a really sweet cat, very mild tempered and very friendly.  She started getting sick about 6 weeks ago and KD discovered that she had a tumor in her intestines the size of a lemon.  KD came over on Monday to see her and made the decision then.  Please keep KD in your prayers – she lived with Simba for 10 years and it is always hard to let go of something you love.  The other cat, Saboo, seemed a little lonely last night – he was doing a little roaming around the house and “complaining”.  I’m thinking he knows that something was wrong.

I’ve also been overwhelmed with my house – just a little, though.  I finally have some grass growing in the front yard in the place where the pipe burst, which is good.  I was very happy to see the green fuzz popping up.  My roses are also in full bloom and some of my other plants.  Jane helped identify some of the plants a few weeks ago and guess what?  She said one of the plants would attract butterflies…and I actually saw one this week!  Amazing.  Now I just need to mow the yard and put some fertilizer down.  And clean the basement.  And “unpack” the “office” and get it put together.  And vacuum and mop.  And buy groceries.  *sigh*

Here’s how I feel:  **WHATEVER**


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  1. You have the post spring blahs-nothing but a long hot summer stretched in front of you and lots that needs to get done. I know the feeling. We should get together and knit. What are you doing Friday night? D has the golf outing, so he’ll be late. I could cook you dinner…let me know. Don’t forget, we have the fiber arts festival to look forward to in July. And I have yarn money from my birthday! I am VERY excited about this.

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