Let's play a game

You know that game “how many differences are there between these two pictures”?  Well, how many differences can you spot between the baby sweater that I am currently knitting vs. the one that I’m supposed to be knitting?

I count at least 7.

You see, when I made my first mistake I thought I had documented the “changes” that I made.  As it turns out, I did document them, but on the wrong stripe sequence.  Oops.  I’m glad I figured it out on time.  All I can say right now is that at least the front and back panels match.  They may be incorrect, but they match.

(At least I didn’t mess up until the 3rd stripe…I’d be really, really pathetic if I had messed up on the 1st or 2nd stripes.)

All part of the fun and games while knitting the blond way!


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