the commencement of conditioning

I posted last week (?) about my idea of doing some “conditioning” in order to prepare for yarn festival season (in July and September).  Almost as soon as I had decided to do this I got a little “ill”.  I’ve been better for a few days now and honestly, I’ve not once thought about my great conditioning plan.  Until today.  My boss darkened my doorstep this afternoon and said “let’s go walk up the stairs and get some exercise”.  Well, not only did we walk up the stairs to the second floor, we did it 3 times.  My knee is a little sore but my thigh’s are killing me.  So I take this, today, as the official start to my conditioning program.  (Although I must add, for complete honesty’s sake, that eating farewell cake for AH’s retirement (registrar’s office) and then eating a cupcake after the “Administrative Staff” meeting sort of reversed any “conditioning” effect the 6 stories of stairs might have had.)

In other news, my final was last night.  I don’t think my brain has totally processed that I’m out of school for a while.  I’ve decided to take a couple years off to, you know, enjoy MY NEW HOUSE.  Something that I can’t do properly by working a 45-hour a week job and take 5-6 hours of graduate school (which in this school feels more like 15 hours, but that’s just me).  I will be doing some work towards the progress of the degree, I just won’t be doing the heavy academic work.  So, I’m free.  Free for the summer.  Free to knit.  Free to read for pleasure.  And, free to enjoy my house!  Yey!

Oh, and I will have another house guest for a few days.  My aunt is flying in from California to spent a few days here in sunny Chicagoland.  She will split her time between me and my cousin’s house.  Looking forward to seeing her again!


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