Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

This is all about my mom, and it’s going to get a little sappy.  Sorry about that.  I have been blessed in this life with a good family.  Both of my parents have instilled in my sister and I good, healthy relationships with them.  I can’t tell you how many of my friends don’t always get along with their parents or even really like their parents, or like them but just don’t like being around them all that much.  My family is different.

Perhaps it is because my parents chose the difficult road of moving far away from the nucleus of their family to pursue higher education.  We learned to be self reliant as a family, something that caused us to be really close.  I can’t imagine raising kids 1000 miles from any family support systems, but my parents did.

My mom in particular was the one who held the family together and for that she deserves all the flowers in the world today.  I am thankful that she was not overly critical of me and that she found a way to balance my independent streak with patience and guidance.  She sacrificed a college career to put my dad through school and then sacrificed (willingly) her professional career to raise us kids.  It was such a blessing, looking back on my school days, that she did that.  She was always home when I got out of school.  She always cooked dinner.  She was always there to drive us to extra-curricular things.  She was my Girl Scout leader and she was a Band Mom (in High School).  She patiently endured my French lessons and carted me off to the U of A for bassoon lessons.  I know that I am the person that I am today because of her.

Thank you, Mom.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. 



2 thoughts on “Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

  1. Wow! Now I do need some klennex! Thank you No.1 (for others that may read this, Tonja is No.! because she was born first–her sister is No.2 because she was born second).

  2. I have noticed that your mom is always in there responding to your posts. It’s obvious she adores you, too. You relationship is truly a blessing to you both, and an inspiration to the world.

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