I have the strongest desire to be a stealth yarn bargain hunter.  Yes, you read that one correctly.  I imagine that a stealth yarn bargain hunter is one who knows her fibers, knows the different “weights” of yarns and can then be stealthy in bargain hunting.  I’ve found over the last few years that the best bargains to be had come directly from the manufacturers themselves, and to this end, I will be at both the Midwest Fibre and Folk Art Fair and the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festivals this year.

In addition to knowing my yarns from my needles and hooks, must also come the ability to have the stamina to peruse each and every fiber shop at these festivals.  Enter “conditioning”.  Since “working out” is absolutely NOT fun, I plan on entering into a conditioning routine whereby I exercise every day and vow to eat healthier.  Since the college just opened up their newly re-designed Sports Center, I thought that this would be the perfect time to start said conditioning routine.  So, starting tomorrow (if I feel up to it, as I was sick all day on Saturday and have only eaten a sum total of 15 crackers and 5 corn chips since Friday night when I ingested the foul meal that I had and then promptly regurgitated that foul meal..but I’m digressing), I plan on walking on the treadmill at lunch time.  I don’t know for how long or for how far, but I will do only that which I am able to do.  Hopefully I can set no expectations on myself and therefore I cannot fail in this task.  Well, I suppose the only way I could fail would be to not buy yarn.  And that is NOT an option.

For I am going to be a stealth yarn bargain hunter, yes I am.

2 thoughts on “conditioning

  1. Sorry you were sick the whole weekend. I worked all weekend and lost my voice on Saturday, which made working Sunday that much more exciting and fun. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Exercise is good, but overdoing is not. Start slow and build up from there.

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