a gaggle of women and my dad

Yup, the closing totally happened.  But it was not an ordinary one.  First let me say that the Village of Lindenhurst has their road numbering system totally screwed up.  The address for this title agency was even numbered and as we drove down Grand Ave, ALL even numbered buildings were on the right.  So we toddled on along and then realized that we had driven past the building.  Turned around and headed the other way. Passed the building again before we realized that it was on the SOUTH side of the street instead of the NORTH side like all the OTHER even numbered buildings on Grand.  Ugh.

With the task of getting there done, we went inside and were the first ones there.  The owner, S, and her agent (also her mother-in-law) came next, and as we had gotten to know each other a little bit during the flood, we proceeded to chat, as normal women do.  My lawyer was next and was, not surprisingly, down-to-business.  She started walking me through all the paperwork and then S’s lawer and my agent showed up.  (All women, BTW.)  So as my lawyer walked me through everything, her lawyer walked her through everything and during all of it the title agency person was talking to the agents making sure that they got paid the correct amount. 

Not surprisingly my name was misspelled in several places so we had to stop and have things re-printed.  During one particular lull in the conversation, my lawyer noticed that I worked at Lake Forest College and we determined that we both knew one of the professors, Les Dlabay.  Small world.  Then, during another particular lull, my lawyer saw S’s maiden name and they found out that S’s mother knows my lawyer.  Small world.  There was much talking and bantering and “catching up” with things between certain parties, all much to my Dad’s chagrin.  After some final adjustments (more $$$ for me) and everything was signed, it was over and done.  I was officially a homeowner. The only really bad thing that happened is the realization I had that my signature was starting to look a little horrid.  My last name has lost an “i” somewhere and the dot above it seems to float, sadly looking a little lonely.  Also, the “e” at the end is starting to have issues.  But all-in-all things went well.  Except for my Dad, who had to sit and listen to all of us “women” gaggle.


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