going crazy

I think I lost my mind a few days ago.  My lender called me on the 15th to inform me that ALL the trim on the house needs to be painted because it is peeling and I can’t close on a house with peeling paint, per FHA regulations on houses built prior to 1978.  5 days.  I was given 5 days to strip and paint all the trim on the house.  How unrealistic are those expectations?  Do they think I’m superwoman?  Well, I’m not and now I’ve gone and lost my mind.

Some of my dear, dear friends were going to pitch in and help…and they surely put forth a valiant effort.  But the best laid plans were grossly exaggerated and needless to say, we got nowhere even close to finishing.  So, I’m going to have to call in the professionals…and you know what that means…$$$.  And the house isn’t even mine yet.  Nickle and dime…nickle and dime….

And on top of it all I have class tonight and I didn’t even finish my homework…but I think I do know my words, which is a relief.  I may fail the quiz but I won’t get a -0-!


3 thoughts on “going crazy

  1. T- Do you have a painter? I have one that lives in Waukegan. Remember Esther who worked at the church. Her brother. Let me know if you need a name and number. He is reasonable, but he may be busy. -Joellen

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