the ole green-eyed-monster

I was knitting with my usual Tuesday lunch group and had invited a guest to join us.  Janecame to hang out with us other knitsters, and since she is an alum of the Graduate School, it seemed fitting that she should be here.  Jane is a wonderful friend from church who has apparently been able to knit since she was about 2 months old (seriously, she is that good) and recently got back into knitting after seeing me knitting at church on more than one occasion.  (Yes, I have been known to knit while inchurch and even during the sermon…it actually helps me concentrate on what the pastor is saying…and no, I don’t find it rude or sacrilegious, thank you very much.)  Anyway, since picking up the sport again, Jane has made some wonderfully beautiful and complicated lace shawls and scarves.  We’re talking complicated.  And yes, I do have to confess that I’m a little bit jealous.  I mean she waltzes into the Skybox, plops down and pulls out this little lace thing and almost without looking at the pattern she is off to the races.  I sat there almost the whole lunch hour mesmerized at how perfectly at ease she is with knitting lace – she doesn’t even use stitch markers for the repeats!  Who does that anyway?  Certainly not me.  Kate even admitted to using stitch markers when knitting lace, and as you know, Kate can knit anything with her eyes closed, standing on one leg with her head tilted sideways while talking and chewing gum.

But there was something else that I discovered about knitting, to which I will have to educate you next time because I have pictures to demonstrate and I forgot my camera’s USB thingie.  So stay tuned!

I’ve finished the back panel of Joanna’s baby gift and have made good progress on the front panel until….until I discovered a large small mistake opportunity.  Apparently when I knit the back panel I made some mistakes modifications which were not exactly documented.  Well, I did document them, but apparently I didn’t document the right mistakes modifications.  So now I need to frog it a bit and go back and decipher what I did.  Oops.  It looks like I have some things to do this weekend.  As if I didn’t have enough to do anyway.


2 thoughts on “the ole green-eyed-monster

  1. Repeat after me… it’s not a competition. And lace knitting isn’t nearly as complicated as it looks. In fact it’s easier than making a sock or sweater. Honest. And a lot easier than mittens. Or a clapotis. And you’ve made all of those.

    Here’s how I suggest you get over the green-eyed monster: buy some nice fingering yarn and I’ll help you get started. You will be amazed at yourself. Fingering is better for a first try as lace yarn seems dauntingly frail at first (although it’s not). Make sure the yarn is fairly smooth so you can rip back easily. My suggestion is to make an Adamas shawl with Knitpicks Gloss Sock or Palette.

    1. Oh I never said it was a competition…I just know that there are some skills that I don’t have yet. Yet. I am just constantly in awe of what you make, Jane. Your knitting is beutiful and experienced, something that mine is not…yet. I have a pattern for a shawl that I will make, perhaps later this year. I’ll show you the pattern sometime and you can tell me what you think. Maybe we could shop for yarn for this patter at the Midwest Fibre and Folk Art Fair.

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