something is amiss

I think I may have lost my mind.  I’m not sure about this, but it is a strong possibility.  When I changed the design of my blog there were some comments that went somewhere…let’s just say, unexpected.  My Mom kept saying, “did you get my comments…” and I kept looking and saying “no”…but they, along with many other comments, were in the “Approval” section, which, quite frankly, had never happened before.  So for all of you who made a comment to which I never replied, I APOLOGIZE.

Laurie, friend of Aunt Sarah, I’ll friend you on FB and Ravelry (tjbrice).  I have a feeling we’ll have lots to talk about!  And thank you for the “coke”!  You were the only one who gave me one and you should have received extra points for that, but, well, your comments went somewhere else.  (I have to admit that when Sarah tagged you in the wall post she did on FB I was extremely confused…which is why I didn’t do anything about it..I just thought she was out of her mind, which she probably is (sorry Sarah :-). 

This week was a challenge on the work front.  I don’t talk about my “work” much here because I don’t think this is an appropriate forum to do so, but I will say that there were some challenges early on this week and there were some good turn abouts later in the week.  All of which made for a very loooooong week.

In kniterly news I finished the back side of the gift for Joanna’s baby (gender to be determined on Monday, as a matter of fact) and am up to the first color change on the front side.  And that is really all I have been working on.

Oh, and I had a sweet little surprise this week.  I received a birthday party invitation from my cousin, L and his wife A, for their one year old daughter, S.  I had made S a Baby Surprise Jacket for A’s shower, and guess what?  One of the pictures on the invitation featured S wearing the sweater!  Oh how that made my heart sing.  (It was a little short/small on her, but hey, she was at least wearing it.)  I don’t think that I ever photographed the sweater, but I did reference the colorway that I used in this post.

Well, that is enough for a Saturday.  Perhaps if I finish my greek translation work before noon I can get some knitting in before making the trek down to the P-A-R-T-Y?  We’ll have to see about that one.


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