So today is my birthday.  (Please…no gifts!)  I’m not sure how I really feel about birthdays these days.  I’m now officially IN my 5th decade (if you count 0-10 as decade #1…) and yet I don’t feel like I am.  Although I have no point of reference as to how I should actually feel, since I’ve never been IN my 40’s before.  But considering that when my Mom was this age, she had a 17-year-old and an almost-11-year-old, and, well, I don’t really feel that possibility in my life.  Me…have a 17 year old?  Not possible.  But then, I’ve not had any kids at all, so again, no good point of reference.  I will have to say that I have ventured further from home than anyone in my family other than my Aunt Sarah, and that all of that traveling took place 10 or more years ago, so that is something that my parents can’t reference (they have been to Alaska and to Quebec and other places in Canada, but have not yet ventured “across the pond” as Sarah and I have) and when I think back on those travels I do begin to “feel” my age.  Also, when I think back to earning my first Master’s degree 12 years ago and how I’ve worked in Higher Ed for the last 12 years, yes, I do begin to feel my age. 

One thing that I have discovered about my “age” is that forgetfulness is coming (or perhaps it has always been there and I’ve just not noticed?).  Like today…I had every intent on uploading some photos for you all to see today…of my sister, nieces, growing tulips, knitting projects and such, but I forgot the USB thingie for my camera.  (But I did remember to call my “landlord” to get the flashing for the chimney fixed, which she will have done this week.)  Another negative that I’ve experienced is the whole fitness/metabolism/health thing.  In the distant past I’ve considered myself a fairly active person, but I can honestly not say that one anymore.  Being out of breath after walking up one flight of stairs does not a good health check make.  So that is something that will have to become very dominant in my life in the near future.  My hang up with fitness is not that I don’t like it, which I actually do, but that it takes so much blooming time.  In a schedule that is already sun-up to sun-down and then some, squeezing out another 30-60 minutes for a workout is a challenge.  But the challenge must be faced, and so I shall…just not today.

Reflections aside, today marks another milestone…this is officially my blogs 200th post.  So in honor of that I decided to have a contest.  The grand prize was a $100 donation to some one’s favorite charity and an audio/paper book of their choice.  I must say that I did not have the response that I had hoped for, but there is a winner, and I couldn’t be more happy than to donate to Special Olympics in honor of Jane, church and knitting buddy, who has a daughter with a genetic disorder that has caused her to have some challenges in life.  So Jane, this will be done this week and a receipt will be emailed to you in honor of your daughter.  Now, which book would you like…audio, paper, or … Kindle?

Oh, and one last thing…how do you like the makeover?  I still have a few tweaks to make, but how do you like the new look so far?


3 thoughts on “birthdays

  1. Woohoo! On behalf of my daughter and all her friends in Special Olympics, thanks so much for your generosity Tonja! As for the book… here’s a link: It’s for a biography of the Brontes I’ve been dying to read. It’s only available used, and “Good” condition is just fine. Thank you!

    And I love the new design… less knitty but a nice clean design and lots of tabs to explore!

  2. I like the new look. Very soothing.

    I have noticed exactly the same thing you describe about not feeling older as you age. I can look back farther in my memories, but as long as my mind is in the present, I feel ageless. Now, I have never had kids, either, so what do people with kids say?

    Mostly I consider my ageless feeling a good thing. I think it helps me keep a younger outlook on life. I see that in you as well. So happy birthday, and keep up the good work!

    Unfortunately, there’s no help for the fact that from here on out, it’s all downhill for your metabolism.

  3. I like the new look, because I do like blue, but at the same time I miss the colorful yarn. Two weeks from today will marke a huge milestone for me–Medicare!!!–yet I still think back to my 30’s and 40’s. As I am getting older, my memory is getting bad (lists of things are not just good, but necessary now), but I have so much to look forward to, such as Olivia and Gabby growing up. I do remember my 50th but I can’t remember my 40th. What did I say about my memory?

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