look into my eyes and tell me what you see…

Last night you would have seen sheer determination. (It sounds better coming from the thick Southern drawl that Charlize Theron used in the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance in the scene when Junah (Matt Damon) finally decides to become the golfer that he one was as asks Adele this question..but I digress.)  On a whim I decided to stop by Home Depot.  Now, this should be a warning right off the bat: whim + Home Depot.  I decided to purchase a plastic patio chair of the Adirondack variety for use on my almost-mine front porch.  One small problem.  It didn’t fit in my car so well.  It refused the back seat entirely (I guess it didn’t like being chauffeured or perhaps it gets car sick) and in order to finagle it into my front passenger seat I had to back my car out of the parking space so that I could open the door wide enough.  Finagle I did.  It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to get it in and finally it ended up with the legs near the headrest, the back of the chair along the side of the door and I had to close the door quickly and hard in order for it to close.  In the meantime, all the finagling caused the rear view mirror to pop off, so now I’m driving nearly blind (yes, Dad, I will get it fixed today…).  But as funny as the whole getting-the-over sized-chair-into-my-car scene was, I got it in and home successfully.  Now I have a lovely light blue plastic Adirondack chair on my soon-to-be-mine front porch.

But the evening’s festivities did not end there.  Oh no.  When I walked in the back door and turned on the kitchen light, *pop* it went out.  No big deal.  Except for one thing.  I’m short. *sigh*  I tried standing on my lovely two-step stool from Ikea – not tall enough.  Then I tried standing on the stool that the previous owner left behind – still not tall enough.  Then I tried to stack my Ikea stool on top of the other one but then I couldn’t get up on top of it (otherwise I’m sure I would have been able to reach the light).  Then I tried stacking something else on top of the non-Ikea stool and using the Ikea stool to get up there.  Too unstable.  I probably should have left and gone back to Home Depot at this point to buy a ladder, but remember, I had sheer determination in me, so I persisted.  I tried several combinations of Ikea stool, non-Ikea stool, dining room chair and plastic lawn table (that I purchased with the over sized blue plastic Adirondack chair at Home Depot) and all to no avail.  Then I had a semi-brilliant idea.  I used the Ikea stool to climb up onto the serving table that I have in the kitchen that doubles as counter space and while standing on my tippy toes and holding my breath and stretching out as far as my short little body could go I just barely managed to change the light bulb.  Just barely.  But like I said, I had SHEER DETERMINATION in me last night.

EDITED TO ADD: There is a Shell gas station on the corner of Illinois and Western in Lake Forest that services cars.  I had a headlight go out a few years ago and they replaced the bulb (one that I had purchased) for free.  Last month I took my car there because of a flat tire issue and they threw in a free carwash.  So guess where I took it to have the rear view mirror put back on?  Yup.  Now, keep in mind that all that needed to be done was take a Philips head screwdriver and screw everything back on, but considering that I don’t carry one of those around (perhaps I should next time I go to buy a plastic Adirondack chair from Home Depot), and it will be dark when I get home tonight, and I am 99.9% likely to forget about it in the morning, I figured I had better go and have someone do it.  So I did.  And they replaced it, for free.  I think I’m going to be loyal to that place.

Now, down to business.  This is post #199.  Which means that my next post will be the most auspiscious #200.  In light of that, the CONTEST winner will be determined on Monday, April 5 – which happens to be my birthday – and the day in which I will make my 200th post on this blog.  The contest rules are simple and based on points.  They are posted below.  The prize for you, oh dear reader, is a $100 donation to the charity of your choice and the gift of an audio book or paper book of your choice.  You have 5 days…best of luck!

Rules for contest:

  1. For this post, you get 3 points if you leave a comment letting me know the name of your favorite charity (if you’ve already left this information in the comment of a previous post, then you don’t need to tell me again, unless you wish to change charities.  Just leave a comment on this post to earn more points).
  2. If you mention this blog on Facebook, you get 1 point.  Be sure to @Tonja Brice so that I will know.  (This one has to be low because not everyone has a FB account.) (you also have to leave a comment with your favorite charity)
  3. If you bring me a coke in the middle of the day for no apparent reason, 1 point. (Again, low because not everyone can do this physically.) (you also have to leave a comment with your favorite charity)
  4. If you get a friend who has never commented on this blog before to read and leave a comment, newbie gets 10 points and you get 5.  Be sure the newbie’s comment has your name in it, otherwise I might not know who gets the credit.

8 thoughts on “look into my eyes and tell me what you see…

  1. For awhile, we had a finicky smoke detector, and it was normal for us to pull the dresser out of the bedroom to stand on to change the battery.

  2. Let’s see… I think I did this before, but Special Olympics is very much on my heart right now so I’d like them to get the $100. Also, I linked this page on Facebook and @tagged you.

    As for getting people to comment… I think social media apathy is spreading. Most people seem to spend hours playing farm games & the like, but little time commenting. Do you think this is symptomatic of 21st century life? So I’m not holding my breath, but you never know. I will try tweeting to my #amwriting friends, to see if I can get anyone to post!

    The coke may come your way next Tuesday – is there knitting?

    1. There will be knitting next Tuesday…definitely! As to commenting..I think more people comment on things like Facebook and Twitter than they do reading blogs and commenting. I actually only comment on a few blogs myself, and it is complete random and infrequent when i do. I think that most of this comes from the fact the most of the blogs I read I don’t know the authors, so I’m not as apt to comment. For the blogs that I do read and I know the author, I tend to comment much more frequently, but it is still a random, if-the-spirit-moves sort of thing. Which is why I finally updated my “update Facebook” link from my blog today hoping that it might stir up something!

  3. hey – I’m trying every imaginable networking method to reach you on your birthday. I really enjoyed the description of the chair purchase and can certainly relate. I also read about your game, just now, April 5 at 931am, but I’m in-! And were I to “win”, I forfeit my $100 to you to purchase a ladder for your home. An absolute necessity! You can spend the rest on flowers to sit alongside your chair on your porch, or a welcome mat, or even more light bulbs-! -Sarah

  4. well…nice to “meet” you tonja! i’m a good friend of your aunt sarah & take care of her doggies. i hear you’re a knitter like me. are you on the website ravelry.com? let’s see…charity would be anything animal related. OK, so you didn’t say the coke had to be drinkable, so i’m delivering you a coke image…creative, eh? let’s see if this works… OH…and if you’re so inclined to add me as a friend on facebook, my last name = texera. 😀

  5. OK, so click on the link that goes to my flickr photo account, there’s your coke! (and photos of pretty yarns, too!!)

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