I have a date

April 22nd sounds like a good date, doesn’t it?  It is the date that is now set for the closing date on my house.  !!!!!  Finally, to be a true homeowner!  I can’t wait.  I have color ideas, wainscoting ideas, shelving ideas, front porch hang out ideas and back yard hang out ideas.  Not to be all done at once, of course.  But ideas still.  I’m excited.  And I’m even more excited that I have friends who want to help dream and implement the ideas, which actually means more to me than the fact that I can do the ideas.

But that’s not what I really want to talk about today.  You see, this is a knitting blog and I feel that I have cheated myself by not speaking to my knitting fetish properly.  So here it goes.  I cast on last weekend on the Striped Baby Sweater as a gift for a friend (I’m 99.998% sure she doesn’t read this blog but you never know…so I’ll leave her nameless).  It is a cute pattern and will be my third baby sweater, but this one is knit in pieces and then assembled together.  I’m basically to the first dark blue stripe, which is pretty good progress so far.  I figure it is a good color combination for either a boy or a girl, although I suspect it would look better on a little boy.

I also plan on finishing up the wedding present for Julie soon…her 1 year anniversary is coming up at the end of April…so I had better get a move on.  Only about 45 more rows – but the 45 longest rows – to go.

In the anticipatory queue, I have a sweater that I would like to make niece #1, so I need to get moving on that so that it will be ready by fall when she’ll need it.  It may distract from my sister’s afghan, but Kristin will just have to deal with waiting.  It is easier for a 35 year-old to wait than for a 5 year-old.  That and the fact that Miss O is still growing, so I have to knit in anticipation of that. 

I guess that’s all in the knitting news.  I have a swell idea from Ikea as to the perfect knitting stash storing system.  I think a couple of these should do me well.  Easy to look through, the bins can be labelled, they all come with lids – all in all a perfect system.


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  1. I like your yarn storage idea. Maybe even enough to steal it…just kidding. I know what you mean by so many ideas for the house. I’m drowning in ideas, even in my sleep!

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