4 more to go…

This is post #196, which means that in 4 more posts I’ll reach 200.  In honor of that milestone, I’m having a contest.  Please see the re-posted rules at the end.

I had a very good vacation, thanks for asking.  I came home on Saturday, a little later than I had hoped, unpacked and went to bed.  Slept for 11 hours and boy-oh-boy did I need that.  Sunday was a really, really wierd day: I forgot about the time change, gave someone the wrong directions to pick me up, missed going to church, studied for a little while and went grocery shopping.  Now, I’m ready for work!

As to the vacation…well, it consisted of driving 2300 miles, into/out of 10 different states.  I listened to The Bookman’s Wakeby John Dunning (Marylin..did you know there were sequels????) and to The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Delimma by Trenton Lee Stewart, which is the third (and seemingly final) in the series.  Then I started The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo by Steig Larsson, the first of a trilogy (I accidentally read the second book not realizing that it was the sequel) and can’t stop listening.  Very good books all.  Next up on my “listening” list will be The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens (I’ve already listened to the first chapter and can already see the humor – thinking this will be a great “listen”).

But I’m sure that you’re really wondering what else I did on vacation.  Well, that may take a few posts.  But I can start with this.

I spent a few days in West Monroe, Louisiana, visiting my Grandmother (Meme).  She is in a nursing home there and has been having some problems these last few months, so I felt that I needed to see her.  She, of course, loved my visit and was sad that it was too short (and I was too).  My parents came out as well, so Meme had all three of us there.  We sorted through some of her clothes and straightened out her closet.  Mom purchased some new headphones for Meme’s TV.  We brought her breakfast, lunch and dinner (not all at the same time) and we sorted through some of her crochet projects.  Meme does thread crochet, usually with size 10 thread (which is kinda small), and I’m constantly amazed at what she can do.  Her hands are stiff with arthritis and yet she can still do thread crochet.  Amazing.  She has it in her mind to make me a “table cloth”, which will in essence be an large doilie… but it will be wonderful, I’m sure.

I also had the opportunity to visit with my friend Tracey from college.  It is always good to see her.

More about the Atlanta leg of my trip next time….

Rules for contest:

  1. For this post and the next three (post #s 195-199), you get 3 points if you leave a comment letting me know the name of your favorite charity.
  2. If you mention this blog on Facebook, you get 1 point.  Be sure to @Tonja Brice so that I will know.  (This one has to be low because not everyone has a FB account.) (you also have to leave a comment with your favorite charity)
  3. If you bring me a coke in the middle of the day for no apparent reason, 1 point. (Again, low because not everyone can do this physically.) (you also have to leave a comment with your favorite charity)
  4. If you get a friend who has never commented on this blog before to read and leave a comment, newbie gets 10 points and you get 5.  Be sure the newbie’s comment has your name in it, otherwise I might not know who gets the credit.

The winner will have a $100 donation made to their charity of choice, plus a book/audiobook of their choice.  That’s the rules…now off to your commenting and Facebooking!


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  1. Yes, I know there’s a whole series of “Bookman” books by Dunning. I’ve read most of them. I still think The Bookman’s Wake is the best, but they’re all good reads.

    Thanks for asking!

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