bravery in knitting

Last year, a knitter that I deem to be awesome, attempted a pattern that bested her.  She attempted to knit a baby sweater.  Yes, a baby sweater bested her.  What you have to know, though, is that Dale of Norway, while designing absolutely stunning sweaters, is knitting for the extremely advanced knitter.  The Harlot just knit one that you can see here…take a look at that colorwork.  Like I said, stunning.  But this darling little baby sweater…?  Not so complicated…or so it seemed.

I believe that said knitter cast on several times…frogged tons of times…ended up with a fabric that was alarmingly disproportional.  So the whole thing got frogged and I thought “well, that was that.  I’ll never try Dale of Norway…no way, man….never.  If ____ can’t do it, I sure as *(&^% can’t.”

Imagine my surprise when, at knitting lunch yesterday (oops…does this give away the identity?), said knitter came with a new version of this baby sweater.  2″ into the pattern and all was looking good.  Seriously…dudes…that is bravery in knitting.  You Go _____!  You CAN best that pattern!

Oh, and guess what?  This is post #195!  Only 5 more to go!

So, perhaps now is the time for me to come up with a contest aka Jane.  Hm….what should I do?

Rules for contest:

1.  For this post and the next three (post #s 195-199), you get 3 points if you leave a comment letting me know the name of your favorite charity.

2.  If you mention this blog on Facebook, you get 1 point.  Be sure to @Tonja Brice so that I can plain(This one has to be low because not everyone has a FB account.) (you also have to leave a comment with your favorite charity)

3.  If you bring me a coke in the middle of the day for no apparent reason, 1 point. (Again, low because not everyone can do this physically.) (you also have to leave a comment with your favorite charity)

4.  If you get a friend who has never commented on this blog before to read and leave a comment, newbie gets 10 points and you get 5.  Be sure the newbie’s comment has your name in it, otherwise I might not know who gets the credit.

Prize?  Yes, since this is a contest, there will be a prize.  I will donate $100 to your favorite charity in your name.  Plus an audio/paper book of your choice in April.  How are those apples?


7 thoughts on “bravery in knitting

  1. I’ve read and now I’m commenting. But, my favorite charity is you! Can’t wait to see you on Sat. Just 2 more days!

    1. Mom, you’re calling me a charity case?!? Gee…not really sure what to think of that…but okay. We can discuss on Saturday. Be sure of that! 🙂

  2. My favorite charity is… gosh, I have quite a few. Let’s go for Special Olympics! Because they’re much in my thoughts after the district swim meet yesterday.

    Regular or diet?

  3. I read Jane Steen’s status that said to come here and comment! My fav chartiy would be the Cancer Society.
    I like the picture of the yarn, very pretty. When we both get time, would you teach me to knit a sweater or some socks? I can do a scarf, but that’s easy.
    I might be able to bring you a coke on a day off….

    1. Catherine, I would LOVE to knit with you. I’ve done 2 pairs of socks and am about to cast on for another soon – probably not until May when school is out. Did you know that Jane also knits? She does lovely lacework in her shawls and scarves.

      Jane, regular, please.

  4. My favorite charity right now is the american cancer society (through relay for life). I am excited you are near a great milestone, and am awaiting the finished sweater. I know I am not courageous enough for that…

  5. Love In the Name of Christ, Lake County Southwest – definitely my favorite charity. Helping Churches Help People. Hope vacation was good and relaxing – you definitely deserved it (and needed it). See you soon!

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