yes, I'm still here…

(and I just lost my last post…one that was in process for two days…so I’m not really happy right now.)

Last week was a horrible one, one that I hope to not repeat again for some time.  I seem to be experiencing “the winter blahs” (some would say “blues” but that doesn’t quite fit..).  I’ve been exhausted and far too busy.  I took a mental health day off on Wedensday so that I could write my paper for my Quad A class.  Needless to say that I procrastinated and lollygagged enough that I didn’t completely finish until about an hour before the final on Thursday.  The final, on the other hand, was extremely…uh…shall we say…easy?  I was done in 20 minutes (100 mc and t/f questions).  Probably a record for me.  But at least that class is over.

I also had a couple of new house guests move in.  I’m going to be taking care of my friend Kim’s two cats for a while.  She brought them over on Monday night.  Here is where Cimba ended up for a few hours…

and this is where Saboo likes to hang out…listening to church chistory and reading a commentary on the book of Acts.

Saboo, when he is feeling really, uh, rejected, and starts to “beg” for some loving, this is what he does.

(in case you can’t tell, he is rolling around on the floor in front of me meowing)

Cimba, bless her little heart, has a knee problem and can’t jump very high.  After I got my new mattresses yesterday, she failed in her first attempt at jumping on the bed.  Yesterday, I caught her trying to jump up on the counter in the pantry.  It was hilarious, to say the least.  These last pictures are of her attempting this.  She must have sat here staring at the counter for at least 5 minutes before her first attempt.

This is her gearing up for her first attempt:

The problem she has is that her hind legs never seem to leave the floor.  So she gears up to jump, she springs up, but her front end is the only thing that moves.  I know I’m not describing it as funny as it actually was, but take my word for it, it was hilarious.  She would sit there and contemplate the jump, wind up her rear end, and then just reach up and place both paws on the counter.

In other news, I was a little adventurous on Saturday.  I made these:

Two Panera-style egg souffles.  They were okay, for a first attempt.  The weren’t as flavorful as I had hoped, but not bad for having no recipe.


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  1. The souffles look awesome! Try allrecipesdotcom for a recipe.
    Hope you are having more fun with your cats than we are with Spooky. She’s now wetting on the rug. I would swear she has a UTI, but the vet says no. Ugh!

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