homeowner failure

Yes, I realize that I am little more than 3 months into my “home ownership faze of life” and I’m starting to fail.  But, please forgive me, you don’t live where I do.  It started snowing again last night/early this morning and I didn’t shovel the front walk this morning.  *gasp*  Yes, (head hanging low), I hear your collective gasps.  So instead of dwelling on my failures, I’d rather focus on my successes.  Here is an updated picture of the Kalenchoe plant with new flowers on them.  (Granted this image was taken on the 14th, but there are even more flowers on it today…trust me here.)

(click on the image to embiggen it)

Nice, huh?  Yeah, I think so too.  Now, I have a surprise for you.  I was in knitting group a few weeks ago and I mentioned an old stuffed animal that I’ve had since I don’t know when (Mom, any ideas?) that is a pajama holder.  This is my hippo.

This is my hippo’s mouth.

This is my hippo eating my black scarf…chomp…chomp…chomp….

And this is what the hippo looks like when it is sitting happily with a full belly.

Cute, eh?  Yeah, I think so too, which is why I’ve hung onto it for 30+ years.  Now I just wish I could find something similar to give my nieces….

Finally, I have some pictures of Lake Forest Beach that I took on Saturday.  This is just eye candy for you.

Have a lovely day!


3 thoughts on “homeowner failure

  1. I neglected to shovel the snowplow ridge at the bottom of our drive on the assumption that we can definitely get our cars over it. By February we homeowners get very lackadaisical about snow.

    Love the second LF beach picture, which looks like Narnia by the sea.

    “Embiggen” is one of my favorite made-up words. I assume it started with the Simpsons, but then being me I looked it up and found (on Wiktionary) that it was coined quite independently in 1884. It totally fills a gap in the English language.

  2. If memory serves, that was a gift from Santa–which year is anybody’s guess. I do suppose I could dig out the photo albums and do a search, but ONLY if asked!

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