blizzards, earthquakes and milestones

The good news is that I am alive and well, even if my back and left knee are broken.  I had decided to work from home yesterday and did absolutely no plowing/shoveling, so imagine how much work there was for me today.  TONS!  Here is a view out my front window during the snowstorm.  I know it doesn’t look like much, but it was like this all day…ALL day yesterday.

My neighbors have this nice little table/chair set in the front of their house.  Picnic anyone?

This was my driveway this morning.  Keep in mind that this is the straight part of the driveway, there is more behind where I’m standing.  I had shovelled up to this point and needed a water break.  Then I decided to grab my camera and document the situation, you know, for posterity and so that you all don’t think I’ve exaggerated the conditions at all.  The “shovel” part of this snow shovel is 12 inches – and it is buried at least 3 inches.  That’s about a 15″ pile up in my driveway – most of which needed to be moved before I would be able to get my car out.  I figure that I can drive through about 5 inches without shoveling, but it is still a lot of shoveling to do.

This is me in the front after I was done.  I decided to pose for you so that you could see the perspective.  My neighbor happened to be leaving and she graciously took the picture for me.  While I was out here, though, my other neighbor came home (I’m guessing that he works nights and was just now getting home) and after I had returned to the house to take a shower, he came by with his snow blower and finished cleaning up the driveway.  All that work for nearly nothing!

So then I get to work and the conversation is all about the earthquake.  Here is a screen print from the NBC station here today:

Apparently it was a 3.8 and I felt nothing.  Probably a good thing.  This is the second earthquake in Northern Illinois since I moved here 9 years ago.

Now, on to happier things.  In a matter of days (probably about 15 or so), this blog will have reached a milestone.  200 blog posts.  Yeah, that’s a lot.  Jane thinks that I should have a contest…give away something knitted or such, and while I am all for that, I don’t have time to knit something special for everyone.  So I will need to think about the contest rules and will let you all know what they are at post #195 (in four more posts).  Ideas?


2 thoughts on “blizzards, earthquakes and milestones

  1. Since a snowblower came with the house, I would expect that you should think about having gas in the blower–especially in the winter! After shoveling for a few times, this SHOULD remind you to get gas. Kinda like NOT locking yourself out of the house–mentaly check with yourself before you close the door-“where is my key?”

  2. A book. For the giveaway. Either one that you’ve read, think is very good but don’t need to keep, or a new copy of the absolutely best book you’ve ever read.

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